AIM HEALTHCARE RECRUITING offers specialized recruitment services within the Long Term Care Industry with precise focus on Senior Living and Skilled Nursing.  Our partnerships vary from those with major healthcare organizations to small or medium size companies.


“Every hire we make nurtures the Spirit of our elders”

At AIM Healthcare Recruiting, our mission is to create relationships and provide service based on our company core values of integrity, authenticity and dynamic performance.  Our goal is to build strong and long lasting partnerships with our clients and our candidates, for the improvement of the Senior Living and Long Term Care Industries.

As a company, we recognize the gap in the staffing world and we are passionate to be the gateway for clear and honest communication and recruiting practice.  We pride ourselves in the longevity of the placements we make and we believe in standing behind our work 100%.

We are committed and eager to be of value for the Long Term Care Industry and our ambition is to partner with our clients in such manner that we guide and consult on valuable subjects such as Employee Retention, Employee Happiness and Stress Management.

We are honored to be your partner and are looking forward to being a resource for you.

AIM HEALTHCARE RECRUITING – your Long Term Care Recruitment Specialists